We Create Fully Immersive 3D Environments

Torozo Capture is a Leading Provider of High-Quality Imaging Services for Construction, Commercial, Retail, and Residential Real Estate.

What Can Torozo Capture Do for You?

Torozo Capture is a leading provider of high-quality imaging services for Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Retail Stores, and Construction Spaces. We create fully immersive 3D environments that feel so real; it's like being there. In addition, we can create Floor Plans for your property in less than 24 hours. We service all areas of Los Cabos and La Paz. This technology is quickly becoming the go-to for business owners and professionals to increase their online presence and draw more traffic to their business!

Higher Conversion

Let your customers and stakeholders "walk" your space virtually before booking or visiting. You will be impressed by the increase in sales and conversions as you see the world from their perspective.

Showcase Your Space

Take your game to the next level? Let us create an immersive environment to showcase your space in a way that has never been possible before. Give us a few hours, and we'll create a digital twin of your property that immerses your guests in a virtual tour second to none.

Increased Online Engagement

Create an emotional connection that results in more leads & potential customers. Immersive 3D Tours automatically show your product in the best possible light, and our technology is 4X more engaging than traditional media.

Our Services

Do you want to show the world your space? Capture it in 3D and promote your project like never before. We offer imaging solutions for any type of space, from small to large projects, and bring your projects to life. All projects are created for easy viewing on all devices - with VR compatibility!

Immersive 3D Virtual Tours

This technology is like having a 3D model of your house in your pocket! With our immersive 3D Virtual Tours, you can create a hyper-realistic tour of your space to give people a sense of what it feels like before they even visit. Then, you can share this on Facebook, Instagram, webpages, or other social media sites, and people can explore it on their phones or computers. It's an affordable and scalable way to show your space.

Measured Floor Plans

Need a blueprint? Just Measure it! No need to hire a drafter or draw a blueprint yourself. Get accurately measured 2D & 3D floor plans with total square footage for your space. We provide floor plans with dimensions and measurements that are 99.9% accurate to reality! Measured Floor Plans is a state-of-the-art solution for anyone looking for accurate and reliable 2D & 3D floor plans. Learn More

The Process for a Virtual Tour


With the latest 3D scanning camera technology, we digitally capture any property, collecting details or textures in 4k resolution quality.


Matterport technology allows us to process the information captured in a few hours, obtaining an immersive digital space. In addition, the 3D and 360º model is hosted and managed in the cloud, being completely ready to access it from anywhere.


Once the process is complete, the Virtual Tour can be embedded on your website; it is accessible from any browser or mobile device, tablet or PC, and of course, it can be shared on Social Networks, Email, WhatsApp and more.


Real Estate

When you're looking for an edge over your competition, there's no better way to give potential buyers a look inside your property than with a high-quality 3D virtual tour and floor plan. You can outshine the competition and make an impression by using Torozo Capture, offering the fastest service time in the industry and high-end technology to create must-see immersive experiences for your listings.

Whether you’re a Home Builder, Brokerage, Property Manager or Business Owner, our 3D Virtual Tours for real estate attracts more qualified prospects, reduces unnecessary site visits, and closes deals faster. With a 3D virtual tour, prospective clients can walk-through your property at their own pace from anywhere, at any time, generating higher engagement and interest.

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